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Eye Anti Wrinkle Massager ~ As Seen On TV

Eye Anti Wrinkle Massager ~ As Seen On TV

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Battery: Runs on a single AAA battery (Included)


Dimensions: 11.5 x 2.4 x 2.2cm


Function :

● Diminishes fine lines

Activates blood flow around eye area

Use in combination with favourite eye serum, for deeper penetration

Stimulates the production of new collagen growth

Tightens skin around eye area

Eye will appear brighter and younger looking

Improves texture, tones and tightens skin around eye area

As little as 5 minutes a day; difference can be as quickly as within a week


Micro-vibration :

Introduces nutrition into basal skin during application which increases micro-circulation and helps reduce eye fatigue


Ionic function :

Introduces essence into the deep skin, helps to tighten skin around eyes, and reduces wrinkles and dark circles

Also, this is effective in removing the wrinkles around the nose, eyes and mouth areas

Replenishes essence into the skin to reduce puffiness, promote blood circulation, and remove dark circles and wrinkles


Recommended Usage :

Apply eye essence or ampoules over eye area

Use massager over eye area for 5 to 10 mins

Apply eye cream or eye serum to lock the moisture








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