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High Waist Slimming Panty ★ 7 Colours

High Waist Slimming Panty ★ 7 Colours
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100pcs above RM3.90/pc, can mix all colour available.

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Waistline 52 - 85cm

This slim slimming underwear helps you to achieve a stunningly lean belly.

Its orthopedic professional design, instantly fights belly fat for a flat, leaner state and shapes a sexy, graceful figure.

It also burns off chunks of fat on the buttocks and the hips to give a slimmer and curvier appearance.

It is a revolutionary slimming and lifting undergarment which provides comfortable wearing and a firm hold with no-show through panty lines.

Fit into your favorite pair of jeans, slinky dress or tailored business suits comfortably while feeling confident and elegant wearing it.






1. Merampingkan pinggang

2. Mengempiskan perut

3. Mengangkat punggung agar cantik terletak dan pejal.

4. Menggalakkan pembakaran lemak terutama jika kita bersenam

5. Menyembunyikan lebihan2 lemak diperut & punggung agar nampak kemas

Selesa dipakai, tidak mengganggu aktiviti harian. 100% cotton

Boleh digunakan tidak kira siang atau malam.








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