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Turmeric Soap / Sabun Kunyit

Turmeric Soap / Sabun Kunyit
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Benefits Of Turmeric:
The turmeric is a very well known spice and it is very famous because of its healing power.
Its contents are used in many medicines, which would have been prepared for the purpose of quick healing of injuries and wounds.
Turmeric is very good for the face skin as well and its continuous and regular application on face skin makes it clean, clear and healthy.
The contents of turmeric heal those areas or regions of face skin, which had been damaged or have lost their health because of any reason.

Jam Turmeric Soap Bar:
For those working and professional women, who remain too much worried about their beauty concerns,
Jam company has produced this soap, whose regular application makes sure the restoration and long duration beauty of users.
Women are just required to use it in place of their daily bath soap and let it be there on face skin for a very little time.
After that they should wash it with fresh water. The uninterrupted use of this soap makes sure healthy, beautiful,
glowing and smooth face skin of its users. Turmeric has been specially used in this soap,
which keeps quite significant fame for removing the problems of face skin and for making it beautiful.




1. Mengurangkan peluh dan bau badan
2. Memudarkan parut jerawat/jeragat pada kulit badan
3. Mencerah dan menghaluskan kulit
4. Sekatakan tona kulit dengan 1 kali penggunaan
5. Memperbaharui kulit yang rosak
6. Menyengarkan badan
7. Mengurangkan minyak
8. Mengebukan kulit
9. Mengekalkan kelembapan kulit
10. Mengurangkan flek hitam





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