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Teeth Trainer / Alignment Braces Trainer

Teeth Trainer / Alignment Braces Trainer

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Description :

- 100% brand new and high quality.

- This product is developed in orthodontic appliance.

- The features are combined with the human study, a muliti-function appliance into one, simple, practical, effective treatment of a new type of orthodontic equipment.

- No harm to the teeth and oral soft tissue.

- Avoid the trouble and inconvenience causing by Arch wire training.


Usage :

Wear during the day and four hours sleep wear ,day wear time is devided into 4 paragraphs, each one hour, at every half an hour before the requirements of patients with teeth and one minute, then relax one minute at each of the latter half of hour requirement inpatients with occlusal gently ,so always keep in touch on the lower lip. relax while studying at correction.


Note :

The product is made of medical plastic and there is a little plastic smell odor, please rinse with saline or toothpaste before using.

Tooth orthodontic is a long process, please be patient for the effect.








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