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CAICUI All IN 1 Magic Soap

CAICUI All IN 1 Magic Soap
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This soap is 100% natural and it's made from plant extracts.

It's paraben-free and is safe for even the most delicate skin like babies and sensitive skin.


The soap can be used for about 2-3 months, depending on the area you use it for.

Eg: If you're using it for face, hair and body, the soap may only lasts you for 2 months or less.


Suitable : All boys and girls, young and old.


Can be used as:


1. Facial Cleanser

* Cleansing

* Killing Skin Mites (Demodex) that causes acne

* Reduce redness caused by skin sensitivity and post acne marks

* Shrinking enlarged pores

* Reduces or eliminates blackheads

* Reduces facial oil

* Brightening effect

* Firming effect and reduces fine lines

* Make-up remover


2. Bubble Mask

* Deep Cleanse

* Shrinking enlarged pores

* Brightening and Firming effect


3. Shampoo

* Cleanses

* Reduces itch

* Cures dandruff and dry scalp problems


4. Body cleanser

* Cleanses

* Heals sensitive skin

* Brightening effect

5. Shaving Foam

* Can be doubled up as shaving foam for guys who shave

























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